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Van Damme Stereo Interconnect with Neutrik/Rean Plugs
Image 1 of 4 ; Van Damme Interconnect Image 2 of 4 ; Neutrik / Rean Phono Plugs Image 3 of 4 ; Side View of Neutrik / Rean Phono Plugs Image 4 of 4 ; Van Damme "Total Definition" Hi-Fi Cable
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The Better Audio Company,

Van Damme "Total Definition" interconnect

1M long

This is a very high definition interconnect for use with any source component i.e. cd player, tuner, dat recorder/player, turntable (if it is equipped with phono sockets) .etc.

They are terminated with very high quality, gold plated "Neutrik" phono plugs;

These interconnects offer superb, liquid, inviting, clear sound, with great width to the presentation and not even a hint of harshness.

These cable are really sweet and offer no listener fatigue.

These cables will convince you that cables really do make a difference !!

They are terminated by us, using the highest quality Cardas, Quad-Eutectic Solder.

These will compliment any source component perfectly and will offer a great improvement in sound quality over the stock cable (and indeed many other interconnects above it's price range), which, will enable your source to show you what it can really do ! !